Fuzhou Xinxiangwei Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

     Fuzhou Xinxiangwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in feedthrough capacitors, EMI filters and various ceramic capacitors.       Since the establishment of the company, it has been committed to the production and development of various types of ceramic capacitors. We have successfully developed and produced various series of EMI filters/feedthrough filters, feedthrough capacitors, ultra-high voltage ceramic capacitors, tubular capacitors, ring capacitors and other ceramic capacitor filter products. These products are widely used in the fields of national defense communications, aerospace, medical equipment, radio and television, instrumentation, automotive electronics, and smart appliances.        The company passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification in 2014, and all products comply with ROHS certification. The company has strong independent research and development and innovation capabilities, and has obtained many independent intellectual property rights that have been recognized and issued by the state.        The "LCA" brand created by the company has won a good reputation in the customer base with reliable quality, excellent service and reasonable prices, and was awarded by Samsung brand in 2018.       Fuzhou Xinxiangwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. upholds the tenet of excellent quality, reputation first, and customer first, and sincerely cooperates with all units with all-round high-quality services to develop together and create better future!        



Product Specification


MountPart NumberSizeFile Download
LCAScrew TypeL3325-001M2.5seriesM2.5 Series?
LCA Screw TypeL4030-034NM3seriesM3 Series
LCAScrew TypeL6040-058NM4seriesM4 Sereis?
LCAScrew TypeL6050-021NM5seriesM5 Series
LCAScrew TypeL8060-018CM6seriesM6 Series??
LCAScrew TypeL10080-026NM8seriesM8 Series?? ? ?? ?
LCAScrew TypeL5060-001Special SeriesSpecial Series
LCAScrew TypeL8-32UNC-2A-001UK/US SeriesUK/US Series
LCATube TypeG4743-901Tube SeriesTube Series
LCASolder H2618-907Solder SeriesSolder Series
LCARing HZ320320-001Audio Capacitor SeriesAudio Capacitor Series

Technical Information

What should we do to design EMC products?
Answer: To meet the functional requirements of the product, reduce the debugging time, and make the product meet the requirements of the electromagnetic com


The core of screw type feedthrough capacitors or screw type feedthrough filters is a disc-shaped multilayer or tubular ceramic capacitor. It has the same properties as other ceramic articles and will

Cooperate Sincerely         Create Better Future
Cooperate Sincerely Create Better Future
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Mawei District,Fuzhou,Fujian,
Post Code:350015

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